Our Partners

Over the years, MEET has partnered with a wide array of companies and experts in a number of fields related to our products and services in order to offer the most up-to-date, tried and tested solutions.

MEET is the Middle East Agent / Distributer for:

Since 1979, Vaportek has been manufacturing odor-neutralizing systems that provide safe, effective and convenient alternatives to ozone-generating equipment,foggers and sprays. To enhance the line, we manufacture complimentary passive and liquid odor-neutralizing products.

Since 1986 the leader in the market of professional h.p. washers, cooling systems and spare parts for high pressure washers.

For IDROBASE latest solutions in large scale dust suppression, cooling or odor control misting cannon, please watch the Video Demo of the RINO system:

Rino systems now available in the Middle East.

Idrobase is the principal manufacturer of MEET Electro-Mechanical systems.

Founded in 1999 in Denmark from the need to reduce water consumption due to increasing water tariffs and concern for the environment, ecoBETA specializes in the design and manufacture of retrofit interruptible WC technology.

Please see videos on ecoBETA flush conversion systems: For an informative video of ecoBETA water saving application and simplicity of installation please watch this video demo:

Additional MEET partners include:


Odor Neutralization solutions for indoor and outdoor odor problems. Safe and Environmentally Friendly Products: NO ozone, No chemicals, No CFCs

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Water Saving Devices for Faucets, Taps, Showers and Ablution Hoses: Rapid Return on Investment: Save money while being Environmental

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Latest technology in Odor Treatment and Permanent Degreasing of Kitchen Exhaust Ducts

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Environmental Degreasing treatment of kitchen drainage networks and grease traps. Reduce blockages, Reduce bad odors

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